Micro Focus - HPE Products

Micro Focus/HPE - Application Lifecycle Management

ALM / Quality Center has earned its place as the industry standard for Application Lifecylcle Management tracking. We offer the most cost effective solution for your needs.

Micro Focus/HPE - Unified Functional Testing

UFT is a combination of QuickTest Professional and Service Test. This solution allows for the use of record and playback automation.

Micro Focus/HPE - Business Process Testing

Business Process Testing (BPT) gives testers and automation teams a componentized approach to scripting and assembling tests within ALM. BPT enhances reusability of test cases and enables business function experts to assemble automated tests.

Micro Focus/HPE - Application Lifecycle Intelligence

Application Lifecycle Intelligence integrates source code management and build management assets into ALM enabling collaboration between development and test teams. In addition to the seamless collaboration between development and test teams, ALI also enables continuous integration with test automation.

Micro Focus/HPE - Performance Center

Performance Center integrates the performance testing capabilities of LoadRunner with the ALM platform. This combination allows users to test the performance of their Applications Under Test (AUT).

Micro Focus/HPE - Mobile Center

Mobile Center is designed to help in the testing of different mobile devices. MC allows either automated or manual testing. It integrates with many other Micro Focus /HPE softwares.