Micro Focus - Application Lifecycle Intelligence

Micro Focus - ALI

Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) is free to use and download for those who own the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) premier edition. Micro Focus/HPE ALI allows for teams to adapt DevOps practices by giving development, testing and operations teams a single platform to visualize application quality, requirements coverage and areas of application risk.

ALI enhances ALM by adding additional modules with the ability to track source code changes, lines of code changed, review code changes and integrate build management in to ALM. The developers can continue using their traditional development tools, IDEs, source code management repositories and build servers while allowing them to trace code changes to HPE ALM defects and requirements.

With ALI developers and testers become a more integrated part of the application lifecycle, which allows for enhanced visibility for project managers thus reducing bottlenecks and streamlining team collaboration.