Micro Focus - Application Lifecycle Management

Micro Focus - ALM and QC

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a mature tool with a proven track record which has lead ALM to being an industry leading application lifecycle management tool. ALM focuses on predictive planning, development, testing, and operations. ALM provides its users with a huge payback including: reduced costs, enhanced efficiencies & predictability, and better business performance.

ALM offers a web-based application that supports all essential aspects of test management. ALM reduces cost, and optimizes resource utilization with resource pooling, scheduling, and by allowing 24x7 usage. While the business is realizing these cost benefits, they will also enjoy standardized processes, centralized resources, and a performance testing Center of Excellence.

ALM provides a consistent, repeatable process for gathering requirements, planning and scheduling tests, analyzing results and managing defects and issues. This software enables your organization to digitize specific quality processes and procedures within the larger application lifecycle. It also supports high levels of communication and reporting and collaboration among your team.

When used in conjunction with other HPE software, Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management can be used as the single source of truth. ALM seamlessly integrates with other Micro Focus software, as well as non-Micro Focus software. At Bienabee we specialize in helping clients utilize industry best practices to implement and integrate their ALM system with other softwares.