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Skytap provides on-demand, virtual training lab Environments-as-a-Service (EaaS), so you can increase the scale and scope of virtual training to reach more students with more educational offerings. It also provides a high quality, verifiable training experience for students anywhere and enables you to control costs by growing your practice while efficiently overcoming IT resource and budget constraints.

Administrators and instructors can rapidly create virtual lab environments atop a global cloud infrastructure with no IT intervention or reprogramming required. They also have full control of the classroom with over-the-shoulder views to monitor student progress and the ability to suspend and review labs if needed. Managing classroom access and usage quotas enables them to improve lab utilization and control costs. Self-service enrollment and automated lab provisioning is available to students. Students can access labs from any browser and learn on their own schedule with self-paced labs that can be suspended and resumed as needed. The student experience can be customized with API integrations to learning management systems (LMS) and portal systems.

Use cases include:

  • Virtual classrooms/labs
  • Distance or online learning services
  • Certification and innovation labs
  • Learning management system and portal integration


Why Bienabee has Partnered with Skytap

Skytap Virtual Training Overview
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Reinventing the Virtual Classroom: Delivering Hands-On Training with Virtual Labs
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Virtual Training Labs:
Delivering Hands-On Classrooms in Cloud Environments
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Skytap Virtual Training Labs Solution Sheet
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