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DevOps practices have rapidly grown within large enterprise IT and software delivery shops, with good reason. By bringing together continuous integration / deployment and agile development principals with industrialized, repeatable software deployments at each release point, some companies are reporting up to a 3000% increase in deployments across all software projects, with 50% fewer failures in production.1 That equates to a huge boost in efficiency and productivity.

Skytap supports the DevOps tool chain with ready, “golden template” development and test environments that can be spun up instantly, and synchronized with your infrastructure patterns and automated deployment solutions of choice. This on-demand capacity for provisioning production-like environments in cloud infrastructure enables multiple teams to work in parallel and deliver better software, faster, without the constraints that often derail DevOps initiatives.

Capabilities include:

  • Automatically deploy “golden state” templates of your application environments from build, configuration management and deployment tools such as Jenkins, Microsoft TFS, Puppet, Chef, IBM UrbanCode, CA Release Automation and others into cloud-based Skytap EaaS instances.
  • Throughout each phase of the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC), Skytap automates stamping out instant dev/test copies of these templates from automated or self-service requests, giving teams on-demand environments while saving days or weeks of single-run provisioning, configuration and reset time.
  • New releases are promoted to production quicker, with higher quality and performance, thanks to consistent and available environments.

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